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DIY, Handmade Eco Printing Craft Kit

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Enjoy my handmade sustainable printing kits, complete with instructions. Inspired by the beautiful sunrises and sunsets of my local coastline, Thanet, Kent. 

This is an eco kit which is the first to be released of a series of ‘beach’ focused kits inspired by the bays along the Thanet coastline.

This one is based on my local beach in Broadstairs, Viking bay. 

You will create your own beautiful sunrise collage over a seascape through the simple wonders of mark making and printing, all sustainably minded. 

This eco kit makes a great gift for yourself or a friend, and even older children. Included is a roller, wooden stirring sticks, inking plate, collage template, non-toxic glue and inks which are made from recycled acrylic and a slow drying binder to make it malleable to print with. Packaged together all in a sturdy box wrapped in tissue. You will have plenty of ink to complete the collage included and even create your own collage after. Also included is paper handmade by me from recycled paper waste, you will get 5-6 sheets of different coloured A5 paper for you to print on and create collage shapes.

As an Artist myself I use these items in my own Print-work – Also with this kit you will receive written step by step instructions, and soon to follow a series of video tutorials.

All you need to provide is 5-6 items to mark-make with, easily found in your garden or home.


Materials: Rubber roller, wooden mixing sticks, inking plate, ink, handmade paper, non-toxic glue, a collage template and step-by-step instructions.

*Due to the reduce reuse, recycle nature of the kits, each may individually vary.