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I am Gem Blastock, I am the illustrator, printer based in the coastal town of Broadstairs, Kent.
I have always been creative, since I was small I have had the urge to draw and paint. I remember getting my first patterned rubber stamp set and I soon became obsessed with arranging these stamps so the print patterns were in line, to then happily colour it in. This was the beginning of my journey in print and pattern. This led me to Buckinghamshire New University to study and graduate (in 2004) in Textiles Design, specialising in interior print design. I enjoy using screen printing and monoprinting techniques to create my collections.
My main inspiration is my life by the sea, and being surrounded by the wonderful Kent countryside, alongside my love to draw, print, and pattern design. The core of my work is about repeat patterns, echoing how we are all interconnected in life.
My design technique starts with my camera for inspiration, leading into drawing my beautiful illustrations mixed up using my screen printing methods. 
For enquiries, please email gem.blastock@tgtextiles.co.uk


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