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I handprint each of these sustainable pieces of art, inpsired by the Kent coastline and our amazing Oceans.

Creating nostalgic prints of iconic marine life, that also helps raise awareness to the beautiful but under threat ecosystems of our world's oceans.



Banded Demoiselle Dragonfly

Beautiful, can't wait to see when my daughter opens it tomorrow   Thank you

Alison Peet

Ollie the Octopus

Looking at my picture from the other side of the room, I love the expressive shape of the image, but it is when you look close up and see the detail in the intricate pointillism at work that one truly admires the skill involved. I just love looking at it.

Kate Fernandes

Brilliant Screen Printing

Organic and vibrant colours from an artist that has grown up beside the sea and draws her inspiration from the tidelines. It shows in everything she does.

Hugh Preedy
  • Handprinted Wall Art

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Handprinted Wall Art

Sustainable wrapping paper & tags for the gift of giving.

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