Workshops for Creativity & Wellbeing

Have you got the craving to learn something new or expand your creativity? Why not learn a new drawing technique or a new printing method?

Lots of us are leading increasingly busy lives, meaning more and more of us are prone to suffering from mental health problems. Creative activities are one of the most effective ways of helping in reducing stress and anxiety. Printmaking and drawing being one, of the most popular.

So I am introducing you to the wonderful world of drawing and printmaking, with my new inspirational workshops, run in my studios based in my home town Broadstairs on the beautiful Kent Coast.


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Screenprinting Workshop Dot Drawing Workshop

Mono-printing Workshop Contour Drawing Workshop

Painting without Black Workshop


All workshops are suitable for beginners or as a refresher course.

New workshops in dot drawing, contour drawing, plus Lino-printing and Monoprinting are coming soon.

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This is me, Gem Blastock