You must of worked out by now...

You all must have worked out by now, I love drawing sea inspired illustrations, they just simply make me happy.

Second to none is creating a sustainable business that I can guarantee has minimal impact on our oceans and coastlines. You may or may not know, where I live in Kent, that Thanet coastline has the world's second largest unbroken chalk reef. YES the worlds, SECOND largest right on my coastline where I have grown up.

So I am delighted to introduce to you my 100% sustainable giftware, inspired by my home coastline.

There are three designs to choose from, Rockpool inspired by the very rock pools of my native coastline that are also home to some of the world's rarest species. 

Seashell with a blue mussel repeat pattern influenced by a native species of the UK coastline. 

Seagulls, a common bird of the sea, with a reputation of chip thief or beach chicken.

All my wrapping paper is recycled from its s made from recycled consumer postal waste and is unbleached. Hand printed by myself in a nautical theme with water based inks. The wrapping paper and tags are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Nature Fact: The UK alone has 50% of the worlds chalk reefs along its coastline, the world's largest unbroken chalk reef is just up the coastline in Norfolk, both coastlines are protected.

To celebrate our coastline this Christmas , t’s a beautiful and rare but vulnerable coastline, shop my 100% sustainable giftware, which is completely recyclable and plastic free. While enjoying the gift of giving to those you love, you support small businesses.

With all my heart and thank you for supporting my dream.

Gem xx

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