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TGH by Gem Blastock


I am Gem, a professional screen printer, illustrator and artist, and Turquoise Gem Home's founder. I work from my on-site studio in Broadstairs, and my brand is focused on creating experimental, radical and unorthodox solutions that respect our planet.

My passion is to bring together the power of art with eco-friendly practices to offer sustainable home and giftware products. I meticulously screen-printed each piece, and the illustrations are sourced from my art archive with nature guidance.

I take pride in designing and creating eco-friendly products that provide sustainable solutions and serve as beautiful pieces of art for consumers. For instance, my 100% Eco hand-printed wrapping paper is made from recycled postal consumer waste.  Eight hand-pulled patterns to maximise the artistic effect whilst minimising valuable paper.

Customers have reported that this wrapping paper is durable enough to be reused at least twice if treated respectfully..

I am also passionate about protecting the UK's chalk coastlines and reefs, which comprise 50% of the world's total. Kent, where I grew up, is home to the second-largest chalk reef in the world. I am providing Eco home and giftware products to my clients to help preserve this coastline. I recognise the importance of elements in climate, and I identify the unique ecosystem within the designs/products.

Printing has been a big passion of mine since childhood. I remember playing with pattern rubber stamps and becoming obsessed with lining them up perfectly to create clean patterns. This later led to discovering screen printing and pursuing a degree in Textiles and Surface Design, specialising in screen print and interior pattern design.

My ultimate goal is to expand my Turquoise Gem Home brand into an established homeware brand with a range of wallpapers, lampshades, cushions and more. You can find my products at Westgate Galleria and The Eclectic Art Gallery. 

Home is where the story begins, and I am excited to be a part of yours.

For enquiries, please email gem.blastock@tgtextiles.co.uk


Photo credit to Rebecca Douglas Photography

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