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Margate Sunset 4 colour, A5 sustainable print. Colour Blend Mono-print

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Margte Sunset 4 colour, A5 sustainable print,

Brand NEW colour blend monoprint series. £15

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A brand new series of prints inspired by the sunrise & sunset skies of Thanet, Kent. Each of these prints has a totally unique colour blend mono-print sun. This is part of Gem's open and ongoing research using her knowledge of colour interactions to create this series of prints. Exploring how to mimic the changing colour of the sun from orange to yellow as it rises up from the horizon.

Included is a handprinted illustration Margate Harbour Arm taken from Gem Blastock's original illustrations of Thanet's iconic landmarks - her home, growing up by the seaside in Kent.

Product Description:

Screen printed by hand, on recycled paper. Each print is unique, due to the quality and nature of hand-printing.  What makes this so sustainable it’s made from recycled consumer postal waste.  Hand printed by myself with water based inks. 

Due to the nature of the colour blend mono-printing you truly get a unique print. 

Ideal gift for those who love Thanet.

Measurements - A5 postcard 14.7x21cm (5.8 x 8.3 in)

Screen Printing is a technique where the drawing is transferred to a silk screen using a photo emulsion. Ink is then pressed through the screen and transferred on to the item. Due to the nature of this process, every print is completely unique and one of a kind. 

This print is packaged wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and posted flat in cardboard envelopes.

All packaging has been selected to be as environmentally conscious and protective as possible