Shergar the Seahorse

Shergar the Seahorse

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Beautiful handprinted limited edition print of the posed Shergar the Spiny Seahorse, taken from my original illustration. 

The spiny seahorse is native to the coastline of the UK, one of only two species. These wonderful animals grow to about 15-17cm in length and are currently under threat. So I am proud to announce that 10% of the profit from these prints will be donated to Guardians of the Deep, a Kent based charity who help to educate and protect our shorelines along the Kent Coast, my home.

I screenprint by hand, on heavyweight 200 gsm recycled paper. Each print is unique, due to the quality and nature of handprinting. Only 25 of these are mounted. (the remaining 25 prints come unmounted- see unmounted prints)

Each print is hand stamped with the TGT logo, named and numbered in the bottom right-hand corner. The 25 prints mounted by hand too.

All prints come with a certificate of authenticity, signed by myself, Gem Blastock, and are protected in a clear compostable vegetable starch bag.  

Through my commitment to creating a sustainable business, I ensure that these prints and packaging create a low carbon footfall.


Recommended frame size - 35cm x 28cm. (On the frame packaging look for 14x11")

Picture Dimensions - Mounted

Outside measurement - 35cm x 28cm (approx 14 x 11) / Internal measurements 29cm x 20cm (approx 12 x 8" )