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Ramsgate Print

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Ramsgate Print - £125

Available for preorder, see below for details.

This collection was a very organic collaboration, a meeting of creative minds that are easily distracted by the pull of the coastline.

Gemma, artist & screen printer who runs TG Textiles and Rebecca, paddle boarder and photographer at Rebecca Douglas Photographer, got chatting one day over zoom during lockdown. It was just a catch up and chat got onto a collection of images Rebecca had recently shot whilst out paddle boarding in Thanet. ‘Under the sea’ captured a bright and sunny winter’s day, just under the surfaces of the sea.

Gemma said how she felt so mesmerised and inspired by the images and Rebecca suggested ‘why not screen print something onto them’.

The prints were ordered and the anticipation grew and a eureka moment came from Gemma ‘I could print in glow in the dark ink’ so the print is a hidden secret within the print. Rebecca ‘EEKed’ with joy at the idea, so much of our world is hidden under the sea, so rarely seen by people first hand, that to have some of our most iconic local landmarks and buildings take on the ‘unseen’ status, felt really profound!

And so, ‘Secret World of the Unseen’ was born.

Four images, one for each major town in Thanet, Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate and Gemma’s iconic gull print too. They photos are printed sustainably in the UK. There is a hint of their existence in daylight and as night falls, the water-based eco glow in the dark ink, brings an unseen secret to life.

Gemma & Rebecca hope to raise awareness of the connection between land and sea and a world so unseen and the need to protect it. 10% of profits will be donated to Marine Conservation Society.


Product description

Sustainably produced prints right here in the UK at a friendly lab in South Yorkshire. These Under the Sea images are printed on 200gsm  Fine Art Matte Paper to give that dreamy shine free finish, taking your gaze deeper into the image. 

Handprinted illustration of the historic towns of Thanet, creating a collection of limited edition prints, taken from Gem Blastock's original contour drawn illustrations of Thanet's iconic landmarks, her home, growing up by the seaside in Kent.

Screen Printing is a technique where the drawing is transferred to a silk screen using Photo-emulsion. Ink is then pressed through the screen and transferred on to the item. Due to the nature of the hand printed process, every print is completely unique and one of a kind.


40.5cm x 30.5cm (16 x 12'')

How to order:

The prints will be available to preorder from 26th Nov until 6th Dec, with a 7 day print production turnaround. Free delivery is estimated from Monday 14th Dec prices of each print is £125.


Each print will be packaged wrapped in acid free tissue paper and posted flat in cardboard envelopes. All packaging has been selected to be as environmentally conscious and protective as possible.

How does the glow in the dark work?

Simply put on light my glow in the dark work and it will load up around 10-20 minutes. The best is strong sunlight or strong artificial light, led light. The phosphorescent paint and powders absorbs that light, and then they will glows in the dark. (In low light conditions it can’t absorb enough light to glow strong and intensively!)

Print is glowing over 2-8 hours deppending from the light absorbation. The daylight look is not the same as the darkness look.