Where the Sun meets the Sea

Have you ever stopped and witnessed the sun rising or setting?

Red and orange sunrise


I love just watching coastal sunrises, where the sky meets the sea. The sky literally colour changes, as the sun rises beyond the sea's horizon.

Broadstairs Beach

I am lucky to live in the seaside town, Broadstairs, on the Kent Coast, where I mainly enjoy getting up before the sun to walk ten minutes, with my camera: my sketchbook, through Broadstairs to arrive at my local beach.

Overlooking the main beach in Broadstairs, Viking Bay

I often have this long horseshoe-shaped bay, all to myself. The colours of the sunrise can vary from blues and purples to fiery oranges and reds. I love to capture this on camera...... the skies colours, tones...... reflections in the sea...... the wet sand....... especially at low tide, while I wait for the sun to emerge from the horizon..... with the seagulls flying around in the morning sky.....

The first sunrise of 2016.

Here are some of my thousands of sunrise photographs, I have taken and how they have translated into my print work. I will let the photographs do the talking. 

Sunrise reflections.

The Orange Orb.

Sunrise and waves.

Can you see how my photography has influenced my print work, for my home decor products?
Sunrise and the cloudy Horizon.
 Skyline cushion, from Shoreline Collection.

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