Colour block and play.

By pure accident, during the summer when I was planning a new collection of prints, I discovered that it was the 100th Anniversary of the Bauhaus movement. 

Reflecting on this, unbeknowingly, I have spent most of my August playing and experimenting with shapes in my print work inspired by some of the hottest 2019 interior trends, ‘Abstract Energy ’ along with ‘Animal Kingdom’, if you haven’t already met my Ollie the Octopus, check my blog about him. 

Playing with colour block printing. 

Printing an overlap of different print shapes.

Print and play, layering shapes.

Printing with shapes.

I naturally started to play with shapes, my intuition told me this was the right path to take. The Bauhaus characteristics are three main shapes. The circle, square and triangle along with the three primary colours, red, blue and yellow, exploring the theory of how we would assign each colour to each shape, for example assigning red to the triangle would automatically reminds us of danger. 

How we perceive colour and shapes evokes emotional responses influenced by our education, society and love of our most nostalgic memories. 

Going back to my natural response to start playing with shapes again, has awakened the vast knowledge I have gained about the movements in art society from my education in art, thanks to the Bauhaus philosophy to bring art and design into the domain of daily life and that artists and designers should be considered as craftsmen and their creations should be practical and affordable. 

This philosophy is still very much alive in today’s digital age.  

So I am passing on the spark of creation by asking you what is your favourite shape and why? What does it evoke in you? Even pick a colour for it!


I want to hear and know what you love about that shape and that colour. 

Mine is a square in turquoise, as it reminds me of my love of the sea and having grown up by a vast sea horizon that sparks my love of wonder. 

Let’s continue this great Bauhaus philosophy by sharing the simplest and most wonderful forms we all love and know. 

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Orange Circle


Turquoise Triangle


Sunrise Circle

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