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So this is a blog about me... talking about myself is not one of my strong points!

I have written a blog in the past about me, my anxiety and coping with it, also one about my love of sunrises over the sea.

But I have realised I haven't really written anything about myself and why I started Turquoise Gem Textiles. (admittedly, I have spoken about myself and my business, in my Instagram stories, but I have never put pen to paper... or finger to keyboard)

I am the one who, prints and packages all TG textiles products. I am the boss and also the janitor... All the products you see are designed and handprinted by me in my studio based in the coastal town of Broadstairs, Kent.

I have always been creative, since I was small, and I got my first patterned rubber stamp set, oh how I loved it!! I soon became obsessed with arranging these stamps to get the print pattern in line, then I would sit there and happily colour it in. This was the beginning of my journey in print and pattern, my love for this took me to Buckinghamshire New University to study and graduate (in 2004) in Textiles Design, specializing in interior print design. I enjoy using screen printing and monoprinting techniques to create my collections. 

My main inspiration is the sea, nature, and landscapes. Along with my love to print, design patterns and textures. The core of my work comes from illustrations and mark making.

My key values are what make me who I am and how I want my business to connect with you.

My values.....

My creativity is why I started my business, also to create a brand that aims to inspire people to tell their story.

Being creative helps me be true to myself, it is my natural way of storytelling and connecting to other people.

Fascination, my curiosity is the source of my inspiration, to learn something new, to create something new and unique.

Inspiring other people through teaching, I love seeing that person light up and come alive when something I have taught ignites their curiosity.

Pattern mad, through positive patterns living, being grateful. Along with my love of surface pattern design and seeing repeating forms in everything.

Purpose, sharing my creative gift with other people gives me a deeper meaning to my life.

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